"Bank of DeFI" refers to a decentralized launchpad platform that aims to provide a secure and transparent environment for initial token sales or initial DEX offerings (IDOs) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

Trust and Security

bDEFI aims to establish trust and security within the token sale process by implementing various measures such as locking liquidity, conducting audits, and providing transparency in token distribution.

Community Involvement

bDEFI emphasizes community involvement by giving priority to its community members during token sales. It often provides exclusive access or early participation opportunities to users who hold the platform's native token.

Liquidity Locking

To ensure the integrity of the project and investor confidence, bDEFI offers a liquidity locking mechanism. This ensures that a portion of the tokens raised during the sale is locked and inaccessible for a specified period, preventing sudden price manipulation.


Liquidity Locker


Personal Wallet Locker


Wallet Generator

@bdefibot (Telegram)



Phase 1

● Token Launch in Pancakeswap
● Website Release
● Lock Liqudity 50% for 1 month in


Phase 2

● Utility bDEFIbot Release
● Marketing Campaign
● Reach 200 Holders
● Own Lock Liquidity (bDEFI locker)
● Testnet


Phase 3

● Audit
● Wallet bDEFI
● BDEFI Launcher
● CMC & CG
● CEX Listing
● Mainnet
● Reach 1000 Holders


Total Supply: 1.000.000
Tax Buy/Sell: 10%
Tax Breakdown: 
- 3% for team
- 5% for Marketing
- 2% for Infrastructure

Detailed Smart Contract

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